Helix Group represents a collection of brands that are diverse in nature, but which are unified under one shared purpose – to support success.

We believe this can be achieved in a number of ways from incremental improvements of mandatory minimal requirements to helping those at the top of their game meet as-yet unconquered heights. Overseeing this mandate is our leadership team.

Jon Vanstone, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Helix Group

Jon Vanstone was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Helix Group after its formation in 2016. This appointment comes after previously serving as Director for a number of Helix Groups’ subsidiary companies over many years. His accumulated knowledge on each of the businesses and the industries they operate in made Jon the ideal candidate for the Group.

Alongside this expertise, Jon brings with him his wealth of corporate experience and passion for innovation. As a leader, he is keen to support and empower each individual within the group and strongly encourages Helix to be an equal opportunity workplace.

Jon is a firm believer that there are huge commercial opportunities emerging within UK trades. He is keen for the Helix Group to deliver a diverse and developing suite of products and services that will assist in the continued advancement of the Home Improvements sector.

Other Associations

Board Director for the Trade Association Forum (TAF)
Trade Director for TrustMark
Chair for the Competent Persons Forum
Director of FENSA
Director of Borough IT
Director of GGFi
Director of Helix Training

Jane McCallion – Chief Operating Officer (COO), Helix Group

Jane McCallion serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Helix Group, a position that oversees the general day-to-day management and operations of the collective subsidiary companies. In this role, Jane has brought to Helix her wealth of knowledge and experience within the finance and commercial sector.

Jane joined Helix Groups parent company, the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF), as Group Director of Finance - a position she maintains. It is Jane's responsibility to create maximum value for all stakeholders, a pursuit that goes beyond just the financial realm of the group. Jane’s drive to enhance the results of the group as well as its individual employees has distinguished her as a transformational leader within Helix Group.

Other Associations

Board Member – FENSA, GGFi, Borough IT, Helix Training, BFRC, RISA